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Our Ethos

Some say time is a construct, but to us it's everything. Time takes us back to the days of the greats- daring women who refused to play by the rules and had a ball doing it. Time also takes us forward, to the greats we've yet to meet (but hope to inspire). So be it backwards or forwards, time is what gets us places. A construct be damned.

Bobbie is a classic with a twist. A pop of colour you'd least expect. A breath of fresh air. Bobbie is the line of watches that doesn't beg for attention- it simply gets it. With a debut collection of three distinct styles and the power to craft your own, Bobbie is helping everyone find their moments of absolute expression

Because even the greatest of the greats needs to know the time.


Our Mission

Every collection at Bobbie Watches is tied to a sustainable or social initiative.


The three inaugural watches from our debut collection are named after women we're inspired by, and we are committed to empower everyone to express themselves and reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve donated 10% of the collection to Smart Works Charity.

In an effort to be conscious around the clock, our collection of watch scarves are made from repurposed silk scarves.

From packaging to charitable givebacks, we're always looking for ways to make Bobbie as impactful as possible.

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